The "European Symposium on Border Surveillance and SaR operations technology" will take place in the island of Crete (Greece) the second half of November (27 and 28/11/2014), organized by the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) of the Hellenic Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection.
The event will be held at KURΙTES Events Centre in Herakleion - Crete, a venue which combines indoor facilities for the accommodation of the Symposium, with large outdoor space for demonstration purposes.
The Greek government, Regional Authorities, and the EC officers will be represented in the event.
The objective of the event is to bring together the consortia of the EU Research Projects related to Border Surveillance and SaR Operations for presenting their approaches and results. The projects that will participate are PERSEUS, DARIUS, ICARUS, BRIDGE, AKRITAS, AIRBEAM, SUNNY, EWISA, DISASTER, and JASON. Interventions from other relevant R&D projects are welcomed.
Moreover a round table concerning potential synergies and cooperation among the projects' outputs or ongoing developments, focusing to interoperability issues, is envisaged. Bilateral meetings among projects shall be arranged. Outdoor live demos of equipments and video or poster presentations of the solutions developed in context of the relative projects' will be organized during the event.
In case that you plan having a project meeting at that period of the year, we suggest you to organize this meeting in Herakleion (or in Athens) the days before the planned event and thus combine it with the Symposium. In such case please ask us for more information in order to help you organize it.

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