Organizing Committee

BSSAR Symposium Coordinator :   Dr. George Leventakis (KEMEA)

  • Prof. Michael Tsinisizelis (KEMEA, President)
  • Dr. Thanassis Sfetsos (ACRITAS project)
  • Dr. Niklas Goddemeier (AIRBEAM project)
  • Mr. Philippe Chrobocinski (PERSEUS project)
  • Dr. Evangelos Vlachogiannis (BRIDGE project)
  • Dr. Marcos Sacristan Cepeda (DISASTER project)
  • Dr. Sokratis Kostikoglou (JASON project)
  • Ms. Effie Makri (DARIUS project)
  • Mr. Daniel Boba (EWISA project)
  • Dr. Carlo Agostini (SUNNY project)

Please contact the Organizers for asking more information regarding the Organizing Committee.